The Principal's Message

Agnel Polytechnic......where integrated all round development is the focus; aims at nurturing its students into strong and focussed human beings with ethically sound values which are embedded for life. We provide a stimulating and challenging academic environment with a stress on outcome based learning thereby enabling our pass-outs to succeed in a global society in which information is growing at an incredible pace. The infrastructural facilities and state-of-the-art equipment combined with a galaxy of competent, talented and dedicated staff provide a heady mix for an enjoyable and easy-learning experience. Being an integral part of the sprawling Agnel Technical Education Complex located at Verna in Goa, allows us the unique advantage of utilising the various facilities and expertise available at the other institutions in the complex, which include an Engineering College, an Institute of Food Crafts & Culinary Sciences, a Vocational Training Institute and a Business Incubation Centre to name a few.

As an AICTE approved Institution affiliated to the Board of Technical Education, Goa we are fortunate to have the privilege of being part of, and delivering a strong Industry validated curriculum, which we augment with a myriad of co-curricular activities such as Industry/Field Visits, Guest Lectures, Seminars and Workshops. Another important feature of our programmes is the components of Industrial Training of 8 weeks duration for our Non-sandwich courses and Inplant Training of 1 year duration (in two blocks of 6 months each) for our Sandwich courses. In addition, we also encourage each of our departments to have the students organise a departmental event, which will provide them with valuable organisational skills while also developing their personalities. Our soft skills training programmes coupled with the leadership training camps and extra-curricular activities also contribute to a great extent in converting our students into competent engineers embedded with the spirit of professionalism and responsible citizenship.



Agnel Polytechnic